Cancer Meets My Attitude

Cancer comes with a plethora of negativity, and rightly so; cancer sucks. But, cancer can also come with its perks, if you let it.

5. No bad hair days

Wigs are always perfect. No time wasted styling the synthetic strands, just pop it on and go. If wigs aren’t your thing, see number 3.

4. Unlimited naps

Naps at the hospital, naps in the car, naps back at the house because you’re tired from all the napping in the hospital and in the car.

3. Hats. Lots of hats

People will buy you hats, bring you hats, suggest you try a new hat, hats show up everywhere. And they’re even easier than popping on the wig.

2. The Cancer Card

The ole ‘sorry dad, I can’t take out the trash I have cancer’ works every time. Well, until you get healthy again, then there’s no excuses. Take out the trash, you strong survivor you.

1. The ‘You’ Card

Maybe you don’t want wigs, hats, naps or excuses. Whether you have cancer or not, you get to pull the ‘you’ card every day and be your complete self no matter what.

What kind of ‘you’ are you?


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